Engage, Grow, Monetize with your Blog’s Secret Weapon

An NMX Session Presented by Email Marketer and Blogger Phil Hollows


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It’s often said the money’s in the list – and it’s true. Your email subscribers are, in fact, your greatest fans and probably your most under-valued resource. By not paying attention to them, you’re missing out on increased page views, increased revenues and increased engagement. The tools that make it easy for you to blog – themes, plugins and templates – simply make it all too easy to neglect this vital opportunity. This session gives you what you need to unleash your blog’s secret money-making weapon: your list. You’ll learn practical approaches to getting your word out…and the cash back in.

Key Points

  • Discover why power bloggers like Chris Brogan, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse focus so much attention on building their lists.
  • Make your monetization more resistant to traffic loss from the next Facebook UI change or Google Panda / indexing update.
  • Actionable strategies for you to use the power of your list to boost your site’s monetization.

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Show Notes:

“I get ten times more response to my blog from my email subscribers than I do from anyone else” – Seth Godin

Phil’s Basic List Building Tips:

  • Learn from the leaders.
  • Have a clear subscription form above the fold.
  • Use social proof if you have it.
  • Incentives work.
  • Brand, baby, brand!

How to Monetize Your Free Content:

  • Turn it and you into what people value.
  • Be disciplined about finding and exploring monetizable opportunities (ethically).

Four Ways to Monetize Yourself:

  1. Convenience: repackage content (ebooks, video of the ebook, audio book, free sample chapters, checklists), create packages of current content (posts in the same category, posts in series, etc.), and sell to people who have purchased products in the past
  2. Access: premium membership, coaching, in-person training, premium content, consulting/speaking
  3. Productize: package your expertise as a service or software product, sell advertising/sponsorships, etc.
  4. Power: affiliate programs, community roles, etc.

Make the Most of the Engagement:

  • Popular posts (sneeze pages)
  • Squeeze pages for products, courses, videos or ebooks
  • Deliver serendipitous rewards
  • Upsells and advertising
  • Affiliate and partner programs
  • Ask for social proof and referrals

Four Types of Email:

  • Autoresponders – triggered email sequences usually designed to move subscribers to a specific goal
  • Transactional – support processes and have the best open rates of any email
  • Newsletters – emails on a regular basis
  • Email Blasts – emergencies, breaking news, sales, etc.

Autoresponder Ideas:

  • Thank you
  • Coupons and offers
  • Sell: ebooks, videos, courses
  • Solicit engagement (forums, suveys, sneeze pages, etc)
  • How are we doing check-ins

Re-engagement and List Hygiene:

  • Remove subscribers who aren’t engaging with your mailings
  • Choose parameters
  • Don’t simply delete – run a re-engagement campaign

More about Phil Hollows:

Phil is presenting “The 7 Deadly Sins of List Building” at NMX 2103.

Building on his technology, consulting and marketing career after graduating from Oxford University in 1987, Phil started what became FeedBlitz in 2005, raising private equity investment in early 2006. Phil built FeedBlitz into the premium FeedBurner alternative, now sending over a billion emails a year. As well as leading FeedBlitz, Phil is the author of “List Building For Bloggers,” the common sense, plain English guide to email marketing and social media.

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