Hollywood In Your Pocket: 28 iPhone Tools/ Tricks To Create Awesome Video Blog Content

 An NMX Session Presented by Video Blogger Tom Martin


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With the ability to capture, edit and product video, photo and text content, today’s smartphone is the most powerful content creation tool in your arsenal. By adding a few apps, learning a few tricks and thinking ahead, you can leverage your mobile production studio to easily create awesome blog content that your readers will love to share.

Key Points

  • What are the must have apps for creating content from an iPhone.
  • How to use lighting and audio to create better iPhone videos.
  • How to use your iPhone and Slideshare.net to easily turn your presenations into valuable blog posts.

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Show Notes:

Quick Video Tips & Tricks:

  • Short clips.
  • Save your title slide(s) in a separate album.
  • First pass: Edit for effects/styles/transitions (export to HD).
  • Second edit: Second edit to add titles.
  • When exporting, turn “Auto-Lock” to NEVER.
  • Exporting in LARGE format is fine – this produces significantly smaller files size.

Shooting Video with the iPhone camera app:

  • Always double-tap to get black bars at the top and the bottom. This will help you frame your shot.
  • The focus square is for both focus and white balance. Tap around to test.
  • Create a zoom effect by first focusing on another object 4-6 feet away, then gently tapping on the person’s head.

Video Shooting Apps:

  • iMovie app: $4.99 (Tom’s favorite).
  • Vimeo iPhone app: Free (a bit more powerful than iMovie, but buggy).
  • Flare $1.99 (great for masking bad lighting).

Multi-purposing Activity:

  • Record yourself giving presentations (use SlideShare with an audio recording).
  • Record your webinars.
  • Use the Dragon Dictation tool to “speak” posts into your phone.

Creating Unique Videos and Incredible Pics:

  • iTimeLapse – very easy to create time lapse videos.
  • Photogene – great for retouching pictures.
  • Camera+ – especially good for stabilization, also has a timer and quasi-burst shooting.
  • TiltShiftGen – creates unique tilt shift pictures.
  • Autostitch – automatically stitches pictures together for panoramic shots.

Audio Apps:

  • Big Lens – allows you to decide what’s in focus (f-stop adjustment).
  • Voice Memo – the app the comes with your iPhone is easy and quick to use.
  • Ipadio – live podcasting or recording, plus helps you set up your podcast in iTunes.
  • Dragon Dictation – great for recording dictation.


  • Brando Mini-Directional Mic – helps you get better audio if you’re using you’re your phone to record simple audio.
  • iRig – a handheld mic with audio jack.
  • Wireless Lav Mic – allows you to get rid of ambient noise, and you can move around.
  • KV Connector for iPhone – needed for most professional mics (3.5 mm audio devices).
  • External Lenses – there are multiple options (macro, fisheye, etc.).
  • Cheap case – cut it in half so you can easily take lenses on and off.
  • GLIF Tripod Mount – will attach your phone to any standard tripods.
  • Smooth Steadicam – allows you to move while filming.
  • 3-Point Lighting Kit – needed for nice professional videos because the iPhone doesn’t do great in lighting.
  • GoPano – creates 360 degree videos.

About Tom Martin:

Tom is frequent speaker, an active blogger at HelpMyBrand.com and the creator of TalkingWithTom – the world’s first video blog produced entirely on an iPhone. Tom is a regular contributor to Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary and the founder of Converse Digital, a social media marketing and content creation firm based in New Orleans, LA.

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