How to Passionately Pitch without Your People

An NMX Session Presented by Blogger and Entrepreneur Erica Douglass


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In this session, Erica Douglass, who sold her business for $1.1 million at the age of 26, talks about how to market to your email list without alienating your community. She shares seven rules for pitching success and a proven template for pitching to your people.

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Show Notes:

Rules for Pitching Success:

  1. Have a clear, concise call to action.
  2. Include at least three links to buy – one within the first 200 words.
  3. Never apologize for pitching a product. The product you are pitching is a bargain if it brings joy to your audience’s lives.
  4. What’s more expensive than whatever you have? Talk about that first.
  5. Eliminate potential negotiation points by making readers feel like they are getting a special deal.
  6. Always include a deadline (when price goes up or when your stop offering an additional freebie).
  7. Follow up with your readers at least once (and preferably twice).

Proven Template for Pitching Success:

  1. Start with a great subject line.
  2. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Acknowledge where your readers are and what their pain points are.
  3. Show proof that whatever you’re pitching has worked for you or someone else.
  4. Explain clearly who this product is for…and not for.
  5. Overcome common objections.
  6. Offer proof that it works.
  7. Offer your bonus.
  8. Close out your pitch with a P.S. that restates the offer.


  • Pitch early and often.
  • Pick products that convert – that you can really see you or your audience buying.
  • Read other pitches. Make notes of what makes you want to buy – and what turns you off.
  • Pitch products you genuinely believe will help readers.

About Erica Douglass:

At the age of 26, Erica sold her online business for $1.1 million. Today, she runs her blog at, where she teaches others how to grow their businesses online.

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