How YouTube Can Make You Rich And Famous Even When You Are Not A Partner

An NMX Session Presented by Video Blogger Gideon Shalwick


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Got a YouTube channel, but not making any money from it? If so, this session’s absolutely for you. Video blogger Gideon Shalwick reveals how to use video blogging to build a successful, moneymaking online brand. Don’t worry, the session isn’t about creating spammy kinda videos…it’s all about creating massive value to your target audience and using new media strategies to build a stable, long term successful online brand.

Key Points

  • You don’t need to be a partner to make money from YouTube.
  • When you use the right business system, it’s only a matter of following a step-by-step plan to get success.
  • Getting a TON of views on YouTube means nothing unless you’ve created the right system for creating a constant stream of passive income.

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Show Notes:

Success on YouTube:

  • Right People
  • Right Ideas
  • Right Systems

The Right People:

  • The right people help you come up with the right ideas and implement the right systems.
  • They get stuff done faster, better, and easier.
  • Primary Roles:
    • Driver
    • Star
    • Video Editor
    • Tech
    • Scripting
    • Admin
  • Roles if you want to take it to the next level:
    • Board of directors
    • Accountant
    • Lawyer
    • Investors
  • Finding the right people:
    • ONLY A-Players – people who hit the ground running
      • Great Attitude
      • Natual ability within their job area
      • Skill level and experience
    • Hire slow, fire fast

The Right Ideas:

  • The Right Channel Idea
    • Most important question: Who is your target market?
    • Three Steps to Channel Success:
      • Find your “hedgehog” concept: When coming up with a channel idea, combine passion, skills, and ability to monetize. Be really good at one thing.
      • Your content has to have value so it attracts viewers. Ask yourself: What is value as defined by your target audience? Entertain, Educate, Report, or Socialize.
      • Figure out the mass trending desire for your audience. What are the pains and struggles of your audience?
  • The Right Video Ideas
    • Threshold Concept:
      • There are three categories of videos: Awesome, Good Enough, and Sucks. Make your videos good enough, and sometimes have awesome, but don’t spend too much time making every single video awesome when people just want Good Enough.
    • Are you providing value that your audience wants?
    • Are you matching your videos to this mass trending desires?
    • Are your videos focused, relating back to your overall “hedgehog” channel concept?

The Right Systems:

  • Video Production System:
    • Must be fast, easy, and simple.
    • Increase your cycle time – get more exposure and dominate in your niche/industry.
    • Figure out all of the steps and find the bottlenecks so you can solve them.
  • Growth System:
    • Video Domination Formula
      • YouTube Channel + Video Blog + Email List = X Growth Strategies
      • From YouTube, funnel people to your blog, and from your blog, get them subscribed to your list. From there, you can send people offers (products, services, blog posts, new videos, etc.).
    • Top 10 Strategies
      1. Keywords – figure out what your audience is searching for.
      2. Meta Info – use keywords in title, description, and tags.
      3. Thumbnails – make them stand out.
      4. Comments – leave comments on other videos and channels for traffic, SEO, and building relationships.
      5. Collaborations – work with other video creators.
      6. Competitions – get people to interact and share.
      7. Backlinks – get high-quality links to your channel and vlog.
      8. Real Estate – dominate the search rankings with both your blog and video.
      9. Captions – add a transcript.
      10. Annotations – link within YouTube during your video.
  • Money-Making System
    • Must be fast, easy, and automated.
    • Bring them in with free stuff, offer a one-time deal, then upsell.

About Gideon Shalwick:

Gideon Shalwick is a teacher and online video marketer living in Brisbane, Australia. You can find his personal blog at and watch his videos on Youtube.

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