Producers: Being Creative in Producing a Live Streaming Show

An NMX Panel Hosted by Video Producer Tim Street and Featuring Producers Mike Rotman, Damian Pelliccione, Brian Gramo, Brad Wynman, and Damon Burger


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This panel features moderator Tim Street along with panelists Mike Rotman, Damian Pelliccione, Brian Gramo, Brad Wynman, and Damon Burger. The panelists share their experiences in producing live-streaming shows to help you learn how to create this unique kind of web series.

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About the Panel:

Tim Street will be presenting again at NMX 2013! Don’t miss his panel “It’s aLive! Livestreaming Tactics for Success” for more livestreaming tips, and check out his bio page to read about all of his sessions.

Tim is is an American writer, producer, director and author of the iPad Mystery Thriller Vids. He sits on the board of directors for the International Academy of Web Television and is a member of the Producers Guild of America.

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Mike Rotman is the founder of Streaming Garage and the head of production at Big Frame. In the past, he served as co-executive produce of Kevin Pollock’s chat show and produced the X-Factor live pre-show for Fox.

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Damian Pelliccione is the founder and CVO of Web TV Workshop and the founder of New Media Vault. In the past, he was the director of development for Dogma Studios.

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Brian Gramo is founder of, which airs live, interactive entertainment every weeknight via live video sites such as

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Brad Wynman is an American film producer and the Programming Director of WyTV Livestream channel.

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Damon Burger is the co-founder and CEO of What’s Trending and the co-founder of Disrupt Group. He’s also the executive producer of the Partner’s Project. Damon is a 2012 Primetime Emmy Nominee, 2012 4 time IAWTV Award Winner, 3 time (2010, 2011) Webby Honoree, and 2 time (2012) Webby Nominee.

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