Some Top Quotes from Patrice’s Session:

  • “Mainstream needs to embrace different. Whatever makes you different also makes you desirable.” – Click to Tweet
  • “Strong, original, consistent content is your surest way to build a big brand from your little blog.” – Click to Tweet
  • “Your behavior online can lead to opportunities, or limit your opportunities.” – Click to Tweet

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About this Session:

Not every blogger sets out to create a brand, sometimes it just happens based on your passion, drive and authenticity. As the creator of, Patrice Yursik did not start a blog intending to eventually become a “brand,” but it happened organically along the way by staying true to who she’s always been. In this session, Patrice shares the advice and insight she’s learned that has helped make her niche her own, and become a respected brand in her own right — and she’ll tell you what that now means.

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