Top Quotes from Gary’s Session:

  • “Do what [big media companies] can’t or won’t do.” – Click to Tweet
  • “People online want to relate to other people.” – Click to Tweet
  • “If you have a certain personality trait, for God’s sake you should accentuate it.” – Click to Tweet

Gary’s Ask the Expert Video with NMX:

An NMX community member asks, “I co-edit a blog for an academic institution and we can’t offer freebies, like ebooks, to readers like many blogs do. So what can we do to get new subscribers?”

Watch the video with Gary to see he’s answer!

Ask the Experts: Gary Arndt

About the Session:

Many blogs are in niches where they must compete at some level with larger media outlets. Blogs which reside in the travel, food, fashion, sports, entertainment and politics niches have to compete for attention with newspapers, magazines, radio and television in addition to large well funded websites. Most bloggers enter the game with no staff, no budget and no mindshare. Knowing how to compete and find your space in a competitive marketplace with limited resources is something everyone in the world of new media must deal with, and in this session, Gary Arndt shows you how.

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