Phil’s Past Session about Email Optimization:

Phil also spoke at BlogWorld 2011 about optimizing your email efforts. In this session, you’ll also learn how to monetize your blog, how to make the most of engagement, and more.

This is a can’t miss session, and it’s completely free for all NMX University members. You can view it here now:

Engage, Grow, Monetize with Your Blog’s Secret Weapon

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About the Session:

While obsessing about SEO, analytics, and what to write next, email subscriptions have become a casual “put the form over there” check box item – and forgotten. Your email subscribers are, in fact, your greatest fans and probably your most under-valued resource. Commit any of these list building deadly sins and you’re missing out on increased page views, revenues and engagement. Learn about the 7 deadly sins of list building – and how to avoid them – in this informative and fact-filled session.

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