Learn How to get Noticed, No Matter What Your Niche:

There are dozens of techniques you can use to grow your community. This post from the NMX blog is a compilation of 58 of the best ways we’ve found to help you find more readers.

It’s a can’t-miss post if you’re looking to grow your blog! Read it here:

58 Ways to Get Noticed as a New Blogger


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Led by food blogger, Patti Londre, this session gives you specific tools to become a leader in your niche. Blogging, branding, books, and business; food enthusiasts embrace culinary new media rather easily. It’s a fact; anyone can launch a food blog within a matter of minutes. Then something happens…they either float to the top or sink to the murky bottom of visibility. Sitting at a computer making things happen is a lonely craft. Yet, some bloggers have a knack for not only being read, but really being seen. Learning the art of becoming a leader can make the difference in YOUR culinary presence. Learn from a panel of Los Angeles’ most visible bloggers how they do it.

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