Top Reasons, in Summary:

  1. Attract a New Type of Follower (Read about tracking listeners here.)
  2. Improve Your Speaking Skills (Hate your voice? Check out this post.)
  3. Build Loyalty with Your Voice (Speaking tips can be found here.)
  4. It’s Not as Hard as You Think (Read 6 easy steps here.)
  5. Master Your Subject (More about branding yourself expert here.)
  6. Podcasts are Easy to Consume (Tips about connecting with consumers are here.)
  7. Recycle Your Best Content (Learn about expanding your podcast here.)
  8. Tap into a New Community (More about using your podcast to build a community here.)
  9. Improves Perceived Credibility (Read more about building credibility with press here.)
  10. Venue to Make Money (Learn three ways to monetize here.)

Watch Dustin’s Bonus Interview:

Are you interested in becoming to a podcaster? In this bonus video, Monica McCarthy sits down with Dustin Hartzler from  Your Website Engineer to talk about why you should start podcast and how to begin.

What are the steps to getting started? Should you interview others or be the expert? How do you become a good interviewer, even if you have no experience? Learn all of this and more from Dustin!

Watch the bonus video now!

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Edison Research reports that over 70 million Americans are now listening to podcasts, with even more listeners worldwide. Are you ready to have a voice in this industry too? Our ebook takes all the frustration out of learning to podcast.

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster


About the Session:

Successful bloggers don’t just blog anymore – they’re everywhere. The panelists in this session share how podcasting, in particular, can take your blog and brand to the next level, helping increase the size of your online community with this overlooked, but powerful and untapped medium.

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